Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Easter Time Treats

It's not long now and Easter will be here. The shops are already stacked with all sorts of mini eggs, I'm sure it gets earlier every year. Trying to be organised I have already designed our Easter cupcakes for Cherry Amour. In fact to avoid the house work I practically spend the whole day getting the hang of making cupcake and icing them again. So I thought I would share my cake efforts with you. 

I have used several different icing techniques, grass, swirls and string (?) which I will share with you through vlogging very soon. 

The nest cup cakes were made by using a swirl technique at the bottom then I used the grass nozzle to create the nest. These were topped with Smarties mini eggs.  

The bunny cupcakes were made by creating grass with the nozzle and the flowers were made out of fondant using a plunger. For the rabbit I made it with a medium sized cutter. 

I'm looking forward to making some Easter nests closer to the time with the children and I have some good ideas for giant Easter cupcakes too. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Finger Painting Easter Cards

Last year we made these lovely Easter cards and it will soon be time to think up another idea for Easter cards and gifts. Little man made some great simple egg shaped ones with hand painting.

We folded the card in half and then used scissors to cut out a egg shape leaving the side joined where folded.  He had great fun dapping on the card while getting used to the cold paint and soon had both hands in the paint waving them about and spreading them on the paper.

He freely paint these cards with out trying to get him to make stripes or dots. 

This year I plan to do a design which involves more mark making, maybe different types of line and dots. 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Cookie Cutter Art

Its been a while since I have been crafting with the children. Things are now getting back to normal in our house and this morning we managed to start our Valentines crafts to making Little Mans teacher a Valentines card and gift. We are taking it slowly doing a bit each day hopefully so this is stage one. 

I decided this year to make every thing including the present its self so we started by making the wrapping paper by printing with cookie cutters and paint. I laid out a large piece of paper to make sure it would definitely be big enough for what we planned to wrap. 

I started off by showing little man how to use the cutters, dipping them in the paint and printing one in the corner of the page. He then went on to pick one up him self and give it a try. As he was stamping them on the paper we discussed the sizes of the cutter as they were all different. I introduced words such as above, below, under and next to. He understood them was able to use the vocabulary himself which really surprised me. It's amazing what children know some times. Little man has really had a boost in his development lately since his speech has come on. 

Once Little man had finished painting with the cutters he picked up the paint brush and filled each of the hearts in using the different shades of red and pink. He had fun making circular movement and was even able to form a heart using the brush. 

Its lovely to be finding the time to be crafty again with the children. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Monoprinting Valentines Art

Mono printing is an idea I had not tried before with Little Man. Now that he is 3 I want to introduce as many ways as possible for him to make marks and give him opportunities for emergent writing.  I thought this would be a nice way to start after watching Little Man printing yesterday using cookie cutters. 

The tray was set up covered in paint of different shades of pink and red. I laid some cookie cutter hearts and   cotton wool buds beside it and asked Little Man if he would like to come and make some pictures. 

The cutters did not give a good effect so he gave up and picked up the cotton wool bud. He made some lovely circle shapes and then scribbled inside to colour them in. 

I loved to see just how much control he did have of the cotton wool bud and the shapes he could make. He even made a beautiful heart in the middle of this one. 

We place paper on top and little man rubbed the paper with his hand then picked it up to revel his art. 

Should a beautiful piece of art and something we will definitely do again. 

Little Man: 3yrs 4mths

Egg Free Valentine Biscuits

Little man has discovered a love for baking. Since starting my own baking company he has been paying a lot of attention to what is going on in the kitchen even when I'm cooking dinner. I've been very aware of making sure my time is shared out amoungst the children and since this is his interest at the moment I though it would be nice to do some baking. 

Because the recipe is egg free Little Man was able to help baking the biscuits from start to finish. The recipe is very simple and you can find it here. I used the opportunity to talk to Little man about number while weighing and using math language such as more, less, heavy. I also encouraged him to describe the feel of the dough. He had great fun molding the dough and making it into different shapes like it was play dough. 

Once baked for 10 minutes at 180 degrees we took them out and allowed them to cool. Being very disorganised we didn't have any sprinkles in the cupboard but we did have some lovely sparkly icing pens which we found in Tesco.  He covered the biscuits as much as possible and to my surprise made a smiley face one too. The plan was to share these with his sister when she got back from school but as soon as my back was turned he decided to lick all the icing off the biscuits. Can't say I blame him! yummy!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

How to make a sweet tree

Sweet tree's were something I spotted on an American site a while back and I have been waiting for an excuse to make them ever since. With Christmas coming I thought I would give it a go. The idea of giving this as a gift has gone from being for the preschool and then P's teachers present. Now I have decided it would look better on my mother in laws treat table on Christmas day since she loves Lindor chocolates. We will see they may be eaten before then!!

Before you start its worth while making sure you have a good clear working space other wise you may find your self getting frustrated and in a muddle. I made mine using a kit off Ebay but it would be much cheaper to buy the materials separate if you plan to make more than one.

Equipment needed:
1x Plant Pot (ours was tin),
1x 80mm pre-Drilled Solid styrofoam ball,
1x wooden Dowel,
Colourful Ribbons (approx 1m of each Colour Selected)
Organza wrap, 60cm x 30cm
Clear Cellophane bag to go over the ball when finished
1 Pair of Latex-free Hygienic gloves
Plaster of Paris.

Step 1. Wrap the dowel with the florist ribbon. Stick at each end with a glue gun on PVA gun. You can add more ribbon layers for a more exciting effect.

Step 2. Make a hole 1-2cm deep in the bottom of ball and use glue to fasten it the dowel in place once pushed through the hoop.  

Step 3. Make up the plaster of paris according to the instruction and fill the bucket until it is 3/4 full. Leave it to dry for 1 minute.

Step 4. place the dowel in the middle of the bucket and hold in place for 30 seconds. When you are happy with where it is placed leave the plaster to dry for a further hour.

Step 5- At this point you can wrap the ball with tissue paper if you wish and fasten it to the ball with tape. This is so the ball's colour is not seen through the gaps once sweets have been added.
Step 6- Using a glue gun or pva glue add the sweets one by one. If your sweets are not in a wrapper they can be glued on using melted chocolate. Start at the top and work your way down and around the ball.

Once finished you can add the tissue paper to the bottom. This will cover up the plaster.

Here you go the finished tree, I'm also going to wrap up the tree with film to keep every thing in place. I plan to try the chocolate or sweet ones at some point too so I will add the tutorial when they are done.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

20 Great ideas for organising a baby shower

Although Christmas time does not seem to be the most convenient time to have a baby there seems to be a baby boom in my area. There is at least three people at P's school expecting now and a few of our friends are also due.
I was recently thrown a beautiful baby shower by my mother and sister in law. It was lovely to have all our friends around us to celebrate even at such a busy time of year. We played some great games and my home was decorated beautifully for the party. Unfortunately I never got round to taking any photo's of the day but it did get me thinking that there are some truly beautiful and great idea's out there to help throw a baby shower and many of these ideas do not even take much preparation.
Baby showers have recently become much more popular in the UK and in America they are really celebrated in style. Here are some ideas if you are planning a baby shower.






Guest favours



Source: via Nani on Pinterest
 Blue sparkle cake pops



Baby Shower Games


Source: via Dani on Pinterest








Source: via Alexa on Pinterest


Have great fun planning your next baby shower and I would love to hear how it goes.